miércoles, 13 de junio de 2007

Signs You Need to Clean Your Keyboard

From the page:

11. You can turn over keyboard and get a mid-afternoon snack.

10. The layer of dust under the keys doesn't let you press any of them.

9. You used up a brand new vacuum bag and it's still dirty.

8. You can't tell the difference anymore between the NumLock LED and the bioluminescent fungus.

7. The ants have taken the 'w', 'v', and 'Esc' keys.

6. Some of the keys are depressing themselves.

5. You need the drivers and can't tell if it's a Logitech or MS keyboard.

4. You may be typing with the *other* hand, but still... dude!

3. Even the roaches refuse to crawl over it.

2. People ask for a set of rubber gloves before using your computer.

1. Your roommate says he loves your Chia keyboard.


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